Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer update to V1.2.2

Original Xhorse VVDI2 VAG/BMW/Porsche key programmer software newly updated to latest V1.2.2 (27th, Otc 2016).

VVDI 2 latest software version V1.2.2 update
*** 2016-10-27
*** Require firmware V2.2.2
===== VAG V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix
===== BMW V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Porsche V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix
===== PSA V2.0.4 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Transponder Programmer V1.2.2 =====
1. Support copy transponder: HITAG2(46), 11, 12, 13, 7935(ID42)
2. Immobilizer data tool: bugfix BMW motorcycles
3. Bugfix
===== J2534 V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Online Upate Tool V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix
===== Quick Start V1.2.2 =====
1. Bugfix

Free download VVDI2 V1.2.2 software


VVDI MB BGA W204 all keys lost and token feedback

Here are two new customer feedback on xhorse vvdi mb bga tool v2.1.4 on Mercedes w204 w207 all key lost.

vvdi mb bga tool and Mercedes w204 all key lost:

Bought one MB BGA tool software 2.0.8 from this site (www.obdii365.com) to make key on w204 with all key lost but failed, other models are working fine, I made a refund request on them, and the saler told me to wait for the new update ,because 2.1.0 version is able to read W204 ESL correctly……while after two weeks later they sent me the 2.1.0 software link ,then I orderd 2 tokens(W204 need to buy 2 tokens to read the ESL information), I updated my machine and tested it working fine as advertised. Very happy with this machine.

Tip: W204 all key lost can only be done via vvdi mb software v2.1.0 or higher versions.

vvdi mb tool and Mercedes w207 all key lost:

i have this tool with Condor xc mini master 1 free token on the machine – 0 paid for tokens. i have w207 with lost keys and when queering password it says i have to buy token; that is, actually i need 2 tokens for all lost keys. then i talked about this issue to xhorse shop. they confirmed this but it’s good that i can get 1 token a day for free, cause i have a condor key cutting machine.

Tip: vvdi mb all key lost needs 2 tokens (condor users can be get 1 free token every day.)


Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.5.1 Software Free Download

Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer software update to V4.5.1.

Free download VVDI-Prog V4.5.1 software

VVDI Prog V4.5.1 Update Feature:
v4.5.1 (2016-10-24)
* This version DON't need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.1 version in Doc folder
* Fix MC68HC908 series write FLASH problem
+ Add MB91F037,MB91F061,MB91F062 optionsin <2-MCU>-><FUJITSU-MB91F>
+ Add [V850E2/DK4]series: 70F3529 option
[V850E2/FG4]series: 70F3548, D70F3549, D70F3550, D70F4000,D70F4001,D70F4002 options
[V850E2/FJ4]series: 70F3551,D70F3552,D70F3553,D70F3554, D70F4003,D70F4004, D70F4005,D70F4006 options
[V850E2/FK4]series: 70F3555,D70F3556, D70F3557,D70F3558, D70F3592, D70F4007,D70F4008,D70F4009,D70F4010 options
[V850E2/FL4]series: 70F3559,D70F3560,D70F4011,D70F4012 options
[V850E2/FK4-H]series: 70F3561 options
[V850E2/FL4-H]series: 70F3564 options
[V850E2/FE4-L]series: 70F3570, D70F3571,D70F3572 options
[V850E2/FF4-L]series: 70F3573,D70F3574, D70F3575 options
[V850E2/FG4-L]series: 70F3576,D70F3577,D70F3578,D70F3579,D70F3580 options
[V850E2/FJ4-L]series: 70F3582,D70F3583,D70F3584,D70F3585 options in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS-V850>
+ Add BIG7-ICU(HC908GZ32) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><LUXGEN>
+ Add SRS(2016) option in <7-OTHER>-><GM>



VVDI MB BGA Tool All Keys Lost Models Report

Here is the user feedback on what Mercedes-Benz model all keys lost done by Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer.

made W207 all key lost with VVDI MB. Work perfect, great tool!!

made all keys lost W906 successfully! Just remove EZS, open it, read MCU (0L01Y is there I think) EEPROM, save dump and calculate keys. It’s easy to do it!

Tested W212 all Keys lost OK with VVDI MB tool. Got a W212 EIS to make a key, it needs 2 tokens, one free one paid money.

W209 or W211 all key lost for me is easy to do with VVDI.

W204 W207 all key lost tested ok, get Password from W204 EIS successfully in second attempt, first time failed.

W212, W166 and W256 all key lost are possible for VVDI.

W166, W246, W212, W212 FBS3 all key lost OK

do W221 all key lost last month with VVDI MB TOOL and a second hand EIS W221 lock with a key

In short, now VVDI MB Tool v2.1.3 can do all key lost for Mercedes chassis
W166, 197, 212, 218, 246 W212 (old with ELV) W204, W207& add key for Mercedes-benz
W164 W164 2009- W166, 197, 212, 218, 246 W169, 209, 211 W172, 204, 207, 212(old with ELV) W216 W221 W639 2009-
More models will be tested and reports updated here..


Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog V4.5.0 software

Original Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer software newly update to V4.5.0. 

VVDI-PROG V4.5.0 Update Feature:

v4.5.0 (2016-09-26)
* This version DON't need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.0 version in Doc folder
* Fix ATMEGAxx8 diagram error problem
* Change D70f3624 diagram(add QFP64 package)
+ Add HC908GZ8,HC908GZ16, HC908GZ32,HC908GZ48,HC908GZ60,HC908GZ8_SECURED,HC9 08GZ16_SECURED,
HC908GZ32_SECURED,HC908GZ48_SECURED,HC908GZ60_SECU RED options in <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA-MC68HC(9)08>
MC912DT128A_SECURED,MC912DT128P_SECURED optionsin <2-MCU>-><MOTOROLA-MC68HC(9)12>
+ Add MT20U2-MC912DT128P option in <3-ECU>-><DELPHI>
+ Add BESTURN-B90-BCM option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>-><FAW>
+ Add FENGGUANG(2016) option in <5-DASHBORAD>-><DONGFENG>
+ Add XC60-HIGH-EQUIPPED(2014) option in <5-DASHBORAD>-><VOLVO>

Free download VVDI Prog V4.5.0 software


VVDI MB BGA 2.0.8 failed to do W204 All Keys Lost?

I bought a MB VVDI BGA tool key programmer with software 2.0.8 from obdii365.com.
I need to program key on W204 under all keys lost situation. But failed, other Mercedes models work without problem. I made a refund request on the dealer. While two weeks later, the salesgirl sent me 2.1.0 software link saying is able to read W204 ESL correctly.

I updated my Benz BAG device and tested it again. This time it works! I bought 2 tokens later.

VVDI MB tool released software upgrade frequently. 
The latest software goes to V2.1.4


Can VVDI2 change odometer for BMW F-series

Can VVDI2 change mileage for BMW F-series? Here is some tips on doing this.
Setup in VVDI 2 software:
1) Write down the KM shown in instrument, take instrument away from car, avoid synchronize KM with CAS
2) et CAS KM to 0km (Change KM with File Change KM, select type with mask, support 1L15Ymask and 5M48H mask)
3) Read instrument EEPROM dump with BDM programmer
4) Select File Change KM ->F-Series Instrument and load EEPROM dump saved in step 3) (PICTURE 8.3).
5) Input new KM
6) Press button “Change KM” and save new EEPROM dump
7) Write new EEPROM dump to instrument
8) Put your instrument in car
9) Finished


How to install W204 ELV Emulator by VVDI MB BGA

Here is the instruction on personalizing and activating Xhorse ELV Emulator for W204 W207 W212 by VVDI MB Tool key programmer.
This is an ELV Emulator.
 ELV Emulator

The ELV is not personalized.
ELV is not personalized

Open VVDI MB BGA Tool software
Select ESL tools
Click on Read ESL data
Read ESL data

Read ESL data complete
Untick Personalized and Activated option
Untick Personalized

Then selet EIS Tools
Select OBD> Chassis
Click on Read EIS data
Click Get to erase EIS key password
Get to erase EIS key password

Now paste key password
Select Save EIS data
Select Save EIS data

Press OK to save HC05 format file
 save HC05 format file

Select IR mode
click on Renew EIS
Insert IR key to EIS
Renew EIS

Insert IR key to EIS

Insert IR adapter to car. Take out and insert again if already inserted. Remain 28 seconds.
Erasing EIS success
Select OBD mode
Select Read EIS data
Reading data success, EIS is normal.
Click on Load EIS data
Open EIS data saved previously
EIS data saved previously

Click Write VIN
Confirm VIN and press Yes to continue
Confirm VIN

Write VIN success
Select IR
Select Write EIS data
Click Yes
 Write EIS data

Writing data, please wait
Writing data success
Select OBD mode
Select Personalize W204 ESL
Personalizing ESL success
Personalizing ESL success

Select Read EIS data
Now the ELV is personalized
ELV is personalized

Select Read EIS data
Reading data success, EIS is normal.
ELV is personalized and activated.
ELV is personalized and activated.


VVDI MB BGA Tool Program W203 All Keys Lost

Here is the instruction on how to program key for Mercedes Benz old W203 EIS all keys lost by VVDI MB BGA Tool key programmer (new version goes to v2.1.4).

Step 1: Read EIS Key Password
Well connect VVDI Benz and laptop etc
Open VVDI MB BGA software
Select EIS tools
Select IR in EIS function
Select Chassis W203,463,639 (K)
Click on Read EIS data and password
Insert IR adapter to car. Take out and insert again if already inserted. Remain 28 seconds.
You can check the VVDI BGA button status, it shows Reading data success. EIS is normal.
If the software prompt Do you want to read password via IR. Press Yes to continue.
Read password via IR need about 1-4 minutes.
Select key used position
Read EIS key pass success.
Select Save EIS data
Press OK to save HC05 format file.
Step 2:  Prepare Key File
Select Prepare Key File function
Click on Load EIS file
Upload EIS data just saved
Tick one used key option: Key 4 and v51
Select Prepare Key File
Save key file
Step 3: Read Write Key
Select Read Write Key
Put smart key on VVDI MB Tool
Click on Identification key on software
Check unused key status.
Select Load Key file
Open key file just saved.
Show Key eeprom data
Click on Write
writing data success
Click on Identification key again
Chekc key number
Remove both keys form VVDI Benz and EIS
Insert IR key into EIS
Switch on and off to check
Select EIS Tools in software
Select IR
Select Chassis
Select Read EIS data and password
Insert IR adapter to car. Take out and insert again if already inserted. Remain 28 seconds.
Select no to read password this time
New key has been program successfully.