How to use VVDI MB Tool to Renew Mercedes 7G tronic Geabox

Here is the guide to use VVDI MB BGA tool key programmer to renew Mercedes 7G Tronic Gearbox-Virgin (W164 / W221 / W219 etc).

Note: Update your VVDI Mercedes software to latest (current 2.1.7).

After well communication is built, open VVDI MB software,
Select Renew ECU/Gearbox function
Select module: Gearbox
Click on Read
Reading data success
display VIN,P/N, S/N etc info.
Select Renew function
If VVDI MB Tool prompt “Erase password format not correct!!!
Input data error,only accept hexadmecimal data, 8 bytes!”
Click OK to continue
Press Get button to search erase password
Display erase pass, click on Renew again
This time you can see info on the bottom of the left status bar “Erase target unit success”
Press Read again
Mercedes 7G tronic renewal success!


Free Download Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer V4.5.6

Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer software released to V4.5.6 (2017-03-21)

Free Download VVDIProg software V4.5.6
V4.5.6 VVDI-Prog Update Information
VVDI Prog v4.5.6 (2017-03-21)
* This version DON't need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.6  version in Doc folder
+ Support operate software while opening the diagram
* Fix MC9S12G192,
MC9S12GA240 options
PFLASH write error problem 
+ Add PIC12F635,
PIC12F683 options 
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add PIC16F631,
PIC16F690 options 
in <2-MCU>->
+ Add JIEFANG-J6-BCM option
(Need to use with VVDI2)
option in <8-OTHER>-><BENZ> 


VVDI2 vvdi key tool unlock Toyota Smart Key

VVDI Key Tool remote maker works together with the Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer will unlock Toyota smart key: 40bit/80bit Here is the how-to guide of unlock Toyota smart key with VVDI2..

Click “VVDI2 Quick Start” icon,choose “Transponder programmer” software.
Use Autodetect transponder to detect transponder type.
Choose “Special Unlock Toyota Smart Key”
Choose “Smart 10/80bit”
[Please note, the current version 4.1.0 VVDI2 software cannot support Unlock Toyota Smart 128; but it will be developed soon.]
1.Test battery:test key’s battery status.
2.Check bank:Test the key is learned or not learn.
3.Unlock:Reset learned smart key to virgin one after success unlock,the LED on key will flash one time.
Battery Must be placed in key for the above operation.


W204 OBD mileage correction: Digiprog3? VVDI MB? FVDI? AVDI?

There are lots of threads talking about Mercedes-Benz W204 mileage correction. Some use Digiprog 3 odometer programmer, some use VVDI mercedes or FVDI commander or original AVDI. So, which one should be best for W204 km change? Here you go…

Here list some good questions and answers between forum members. Read them first.

Q: w204 possible only dash?A: NOT possible only dash.
you have to do dash and can-filter.
or use digiprog or elprosys or abritus72 or enigma
Q: Any one done 2014 by OBD?A: Use can blocker, make backups and never will have problems…
Q: Anyone done Mercedes W204 2014 by OBD?
if yes, what tool can do thisA: avdi,fvdi,digiprog…..
Q: digiprog3 and fvdi, which better for W204 mileage?A: I killed one with fvdi, it crashes. the ZGW will need recoding.
I do not recommend using fvdi on w204.
Have better change with digiprog3
I did 2012 with it
Q: How to make right on w204 with fvdi?A: Original equipment or solder can blocker.
Q: Any good experience of digi?A: I did a few 204 212 with digiprog 3 v4.94. ,no problem.
Q: How about AVDI for 204?A: I’ve got AVDI ORG but can’t do 2013 W204
but yesterday i killed also the ZGW of one W204 2011 the First Time.
have Smok tool to repair this until you done backup
I don’t know if you can do it 2014
Q: Cluster was changed in car. How do I have the cluster automatically go back to original mileage? Only tool I have is VVDI MB BGA tool. Thanks
A: for w204 through vvdi mb
if you want to bloack km synchronization between EZS and dashboard, you need backup CGW (gateway0 EEPROM and FLASH before write km
Q: Anyone tried with Smok?A: I’ve got now smok Merc
so I try and cant do first time error when Erase Flash
so I write the flash and eeprom back and then I try again
all GOOD job done
smok tool its the best for this price
AVDI cant write flash back after first problem – smok done easy
In summary,
Digiprog3 programmer should be the best solution of Mercedes W204 Odometer Mileage through OBD. Within 5 minutes and no need dissemble the dashboard.
Attach some photos here.. the W204 2009 model







Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer Update to V4.1.0

Original Xhorse VVDI2 VAG/BMW/Porsche/PSA key programmer software released to  v4.1.0. (2017-03-17)
VVDI2 4.1.0 Update Feature:
===== Support software version ====
VAG V4.1.0
BMW V4.1.0
Porsche V4.1.0
PSA V4.1.0
Passthru J2534 V4.1.0
Online Update Tool V4.1.0
Quick Start V4.1.0
You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software, Mainly include:
1. Add support to read PIN code from santana ECU (Special Function->Engine Control Unit)
2. Bugfix for write A4/Q5/A5 KM
3. Bugfix for OBD read key information from CAS (9389115): Now we dont support read this CAS ID via OBDII, will add soon

Make key for Opel Vectra Immo1 via VVDI2 key programmer 41.0 & cut key by Condor XC-mini key cutting machine.


Xhorse VVDI2 List of VAG Audi All Keys Lost via OBD

– Can a Xhorse VVDI2 key programmer add a new key through OBD, when VW / Audi lost all keys?
– Yes! Xhorse vvdi supports OBD lost all keys to some VW and Audi models.

So, here is what you need:
A HQ VAG key programmer (xhorse vvdi2 or the like)
Working software (vvdi2 with the newest sw: ver. 4.0 vag)

Vehicles supporting OBD lost all key:
1) Audi A6/Q7/Allroard 2005+ – CAN
2) VW Passat B6/CC – CAN
3) VW Passat B6/CC with EDC17/MED17 – CAN
4) VW, Seat, Skoda 2007+ – CAN
5) VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi with VDO NEC 2009+ – UDS
6) VW with NEC+95320 or Magneti Marelli with Motorola 9S12 2009+ – UDS
7) Johnson Controls with 95320 – UDS
8) W Dashboard with VDO NEC35xx 2013+ – UDS

!!!!!  All 4th immobilizer system can make a dealer key via OBDII directly.
Don’t need BDM read cluster EEPROM, only require know PIN and 6 bytes CS. PIN
and CS can read from Engine Control Unit function via OBDII.
Item 1) with OBD lost all key will get window
Item 2) 3) with OBD lost all key will get window
Item 4) with OBD lost all key will get window
Item 5) 6) 7) 8) with OBD lost all key will get window.
We don’t recommend use OBD lost all key method for
item 6): VW with NEC+95320 or Magneti Marelli with Motorola 9S12 2009+ – UDS
and item 7): Johnson Controls with 95320 – UDS
These 2 types can read immo data from cluster even lost all key

The common point for OBD lost all key is that it will change one or several component
security bytes in immobilizer system. So, all the original key will stop work after
perform this function, and will not support key ordered from car dealer

If you want accept the key ordered from car dealer again, you need enter dealer
workshop to do online change immobilizer system operation, don’t need new
module for immobilizer, it can performed with the original immobilizer system. After
finish the above operation, the ordered key can learn successfully. But all the key
configured with lost all key method will stop working

Expect item 1): Audi A6/Q7/Allroard 2005+ – CAN,
all other lost all key type support make OEM key, you can enter dealer workshop do online operation with OEM key.

Attention: DON’T do online change immobilizer system operation, if you do this operation in dealer workshop, all the key made by lost all key method will stop working

VVDI2 test: Johnson control with 95320 – UDS

Generally, this type instrument use 95320 EEPROM.
There are two methods NEC+95320(Johnson control), NEC+95320(jci 2013 bora/jetta)
There’s a special procedure for prepare dealer key:
Menu->key learn->4th immobilizer system – VW/ skoda/ seat (choose the specific type according to the car)

Lost all key- OBD prepare key
This function will read PIN/CS from ECU or (input PIN/CS) and prepare dealer key. The dealer key can learn to car
After running this function, it changed 6 bytes of all 12 bytes CS in immobilizer system. So the old key cannot be used anymore, and don’t accept any key come from dealer.


How to install Xhorse VVDI2 V4.0.0 Software

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG/BMW/Porsche/PSA key programmer software V4.0.0, how to install? Here is a how-to guide of vvdi 2 version 4.0.0 installation.

You need a laptop with working system: Windows XP (better)

First, download vvdi software 4.0.0 on Mega:

Then install vvdi2 v4.0.0:
1- run VVDI2 Installer v4.0.0.exe to install
2- select a setup language
Option: Chinese and English
3- click on Next to continue
4- click on Install

5- install vvdi 2 v4.0.0 successfully
6- run VVDI2 Quick Start to check if it’s working
This is version 4.0.0. The new Vvdi 2 software can work
Go to Update online
V4.0.0 vvdi2 update information available here:
software version :
VVDI2 VAG V4.0.0VVDI2 BMW V4.0.0VVDI2 Porsche V4.0.0
VVDI2 PSA V4.0.0
Passthru J2534 V4.0.0
Online Update Tool V4.0.0
Quick Start V4.0.0

You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software, Mainly include:
1. BCM2 Dump Tool:
(1). Support data read by VVDI PROG
(2). Support generate BCM2 immodata, it can use to make new key, learn key
(3). Checksum fix for 95320 EEPROM dump
2. Fixbug for old A6/Q7 J518 read EEPROM bug
3. Improvement for read CAS1, CAS2 EEPROM with CAS PLUG
4. Bugfix for immobilizer data tool

Have fun with xhorse vvdi2 key programmer!

How to use VVDI2 to Read Citroen PIN and Key Learn

Xhorse VVDI2 PSA Peugeot Citroen key programmer software can read pin codes and do key learning for Citroën cars?
Definitely YES!

Engineers working for obdii365.com confirm this functions.
Attach photos of how to use vvdi 2 for Citroën read pin and key learn:
use vvdi psa software
read pin available
every time switch ON ignition, switch OFF/ON times vvdi increase 1
if the times not increase, please switch OFF ignition again, take key off ignition switch, wait above 10 seconds, then switch ON
repeat the procedure until the switch OFF/ON times increase 1
key learning
the working vvdi2 key programmer
VVDI 2 Peugeot, Citroën reviews:
citroen c4 work 100% for read pin
tested 100%

i read on Monday c4 pin with version 4.0… no problem 2006

citroen c4 I can confirm also it is working

I did c4 No problem

just read the pin and cs from ecu.
make backup from cluster, and the cluster configuration.
then make a dealer key, and learn it with pin.
my Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted OK. Key learn OK.
Tip: only for CAN line protocol based Peugeot, Citroën and DS cars.


Free Download VVDI2 Key Programmer V4.0.0 Software

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG/BMW/Porsche/PSA key programmer software released to V4.0.0.(2017-03-02).

VVDI 2 New 4.0.0 Update Feature:

===== Support software version ====
VAG V4.0.0
BMW V4.0.0
Porsche V4.0.0
PSA V4.0.0
Passthru J2534 V4.0.0
Online Update Tool V4.0.0
Quick Start V4.0.0

You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software, Mainly include:
1. BCM2 Dump Tool:
(1). Support data read by VVDI PROG
(2). Support generate BCM2 immodata, it can use to make new key, learn key
(3). Checksum fix for 95320 EEPROM dump
2. Fixbug for old A6/Q7 J518 read EEPROM bug
3. Improvement for read CAS1, CAS2 EEPROM with CAS PLUG
4. Bugfix for immobilizer data tool

Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 V4.0.0 Software


Xhorse VVDI2, VVDI Prog and VVDI MB BGA Tool Review

Xhorse vvdi programmer user feedback & reviews are listed below, including xhorse the best:
VVDI2 review
VVDI Prog programmer review
VVDI mercedes review

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer Review


– CAS1 bmw read eeprom by obd
i did yesterday CAS1 bmw read eeprom by obd and got key info and cutting code

– bmw ews direct by obd
vvdi2 bmw can make key in bmw ews direct by obd or need read ews dump by programmer then make key

– program new keys to bmw e90 2008 USA
i have a vvdi2 with vag and bmw authroization
have to programmed new keys in bmw (bmw e90 2008 USA year), without keyless go
in original key inside transponder pcf7953 315mhz
My hint for you: Chinese keys work only transponder but remote need to remove cas and do it on bench on tango or xhorse vvdi, but obd method need always original for better chance chip is 7945 or 7953 which is 46 family good luck

– support MED17/EDC17 dump tool
Xhorse vvdi2 v1.2.1 adds support for MED17/EDC17 dump tool, support clone ECU(Menu->Special Function->MED17/EDC17 dump tool)
But sadly only work for Condor key cutting machine users
my vvdi 2 is full not basic.but function for edc17 only for condor cutter user.no for all vvdi2 full user
vvdi mb bga have the token system, if you have condor cutter 1 token in 1 day for free if you don’t have you need pay
it is different.


– do Control head on A6
Vvdi2 able to do Control head on A6
need Transponder Sokymat Crypto 8E – Audi ID8E precoded by Component Security.
If you want to add remote key: 4F0837220AK, 4F0837220R, 4F0 837 220 – and others.

– key learn for Audi A4 RB8 crypto (2004+)
VVDI2 key learn procedure for Audi A4 RB8 crypto (2004+) option:
Just read the pin and cs from ecu.
Make backup from cluster, and the cluster configuration.
Then make a dealer key, and learn it with pin.

– Audi A7 2012 km done
Audi A7 2012 km done by reading config by obd then read eeprom by Programmer ——– ok!

– Audi S8 spare key job done
Did one Audi S8 done successfully, spare key job

– add keys to AUdi a4 2009 BCM2
AUdi a4 2009 BCM2 key added successfully in 2 minuts.

– Audi Q5 add keys, read bcm2
I did Audi Q5 add key ok, read BCM2 by OBD ok, read BCM2 by bdm ok.
Passat B6 all key lost by eep ok.

– Audi A3 8P 434 not working
Remote programmer test remote for Audi A3 8P 434, not working.
Not file for Golf 5 434.
Test remote generator Ibiza 6J “1k0 …. N” 434 working.

– Audi A4 2008 not working
VAG remote key adaptation does not connect to many old cars but usually works fine with newer “dealer keys”. However, Audi A4 2008 did not connect to car (BCM or BFM). Key programming ok.
On a side note: A4 2008 do not have BCM, models 2009 + has BCM.

VVDI 2 & others:

– Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted
Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted OK. Key learn failed – first key OK, second key failed. Tried several times. Job finished with other device.

– Passat B6 read code and add keys
Passat B6 read Code from confort module (95320) & added key ok!

– 0D69J file identified
BENZ a class 0D69J file identified ok, but write transponder not work

– Passat B7 failed
Passat B7 Read Code from confort (95320) & add key by obd ——— Failed, (i made by transponder tool option)

Xhorse VVDI Prog ECU Programmer Review

– read/write Fiat 9s12dg256b mcu without problem
Yesterday i read/write mcu 9s12dg256b from fiat bcm with vvdi Prog WITHOUT Problem

– VVDI Prog secured very well
I work’s on opel astra h cim with hc912 mcu,
ford dashboard hc912, and with hc908az60
secured very well.

– 080dowq erasing works perfect
Now I tried 080dowq erasing, and it works perfect.

– R/W ok with CIM Opel Astra H
3L40K – Read ID (0113) ok, Rean EEP (ok) Read Flash (ok)
1L59W- Read ID (0115) ok, Read EEP (NOT) Read Flash (NOT).

Ps. 3L40K – Just that flash is smaller than It should be.
Read-it with smok, and You will understand what I am saying.

– 50/50 chance to Porsche BCM
I have tried to read Porsche BCM with 9S12 5M48H dated 2013 MCU but could not do it because VVDI Prog did not detected chip ID. Always get ID: FFFF
While Porsche BCM with MCU 9S12 2M25J dated 2014 have read without problems

– 209 flash ok
I received the vvdi prog and tested eis
209 with st12 eeprom flash ok

– vvdi prog read ok with W221
for w221 ism with ST10F269 read by vvdi prog OK with micromax diagram
for write it didn’t erase automatically you have to erase it before, then all OK .

– ok with D70F3571
vvdi prog 4.5.1 D70F3571 read ok

– no issues with BSI 307 2002
BSI 307 2002 912DG128 – 3K91D
EEP (read and write) – OK
FLASh 4.000Mhz (read and write) -OK — Orange5 clone (DO NOT write flash)
Identical files Vvdi prog and Orange5, same EEP and FLASH.
Incircuit BSI photo of Orange5.

– vvdiprog + eeprom adapter without issues
works fine with eeprom adapter
does not work with test clip tried to different ones,
maybe i should try other one, if there is any higher quality,
or maybe because of cable length it doesnot work

– good at EZS, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+ …
this programmer can read write EZS, cas2, cas3, cas3+, read other motorolas safe without any problems or damages

– work OK on BMW CAS4 F10 2014
Today tested: CAS4 with Motorola 1N35H mask from F10 2014!
d/p-flash BACKUP – ok
Crack chip security – ok
read/write p/d-flash – ok
Locked – ok
Works without heating the chip. Only removed 4 elements from the board, and after operations resoldered them back.
i have desoldered 4 elements from the board: transistor, capacitator, resistor and cristal/quartz.
– vvdi prog not working?:

– It cannot read hcx05 at all.

– Cannot support read pin code for psa and old chrysler

VVDI MB BGA Tool review

– cost-effective and powerful
vvdi mb can renew elv without soldering the nec while the other should sold out and not make via obd2, vvdi mb can renew EIS no need token even its bga eis , while others cannot , with small budget can program bga key with 6 minutes while with others you need 5 thousands dollars to do , more over for w204 all key lost no body in the world can do it while they are working on it with vvdi

– 204 all keys lost ok
For 204 all keys lost one solution is to buy eis with key tested and ok

– W203 password calculation via IR
I read pass W203 IR OK

– W203 W220 read password ok
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU ??? -read PSW IR – OK
W203: EIS/EZS A203.545.05.08 – MCU 1J35D – read PSW – OK
W220: EIS/EZS A215.545.02.08 – MCU ??? -read PSW IR – OK
– support older ESL
old ESL(motorola) are supported read through K-line yet……look in ESL menu, there are some possibility…

for me are all older ESL from 202, 203, 208,209,201,211 and so…then when in the adapter are socket for the 28-pin HC05E6 motorola, then are this supported too…
the emulator is too for all this OLD type of ESL…

– renew this namber 7G tronic 003 446 0310
Can renew this namber 7G tronic 003 446 0310
i have renewed 10 pcs of this part number, all success

– made a key to W203
I have made a key for W203.
Works great but the remote controle opens only the drivers door.

– Exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS
Exchange W204 ESL without renew EIS. In ESL Tools, write EIS with password(Select Auto clear TP and personalized) tested and work ok

– w204 w207 w212 all key lost work
All key lost:
W204 work
W207 work
W212 work