V4.5.7 Xhorse VVDI PROG Technical Questions and Answers

Question: Please write to step by step.. CAS4 cloning procedure.. (if possible) I have two cas4, ori and donor.. I need cloning.. I have VVDI programmer..
Answer: If MCU is same, i think you just have to copy eeprom from one to other…

Question: Is vvdi prog able to write flash in hc12dg128 mask 1k50e mpc ? Apparently xprog smok ak300-500 all failure to write flash in this processor ?
Can anyone do me a bdm connections using vvdi prog for cas 1 i think its v1
Answer: yes,Xhore vvdi prog support write flash for 1k50e/0k50e.you should select the correct type unsecure or secured.by the way,if your chip is damaged means write flash will fail.

Question: mb91f061 program good work not problem
only not verfy in The first two bytes of every 512 Byte and again not problem
Answer: MB91F061 should be verify ok,it work like this:
the data total 64KB,there are 128 small data area(each area memory size 512 bytes)
after you wirte a new dump, if the first 512 area change,VVDI PROG will auto calculate 2 bytes named ‘verify data’
about the second 512 area, the first 2 bytes will same as last ‘verify data’, then this area also auto calculate new 2 bytes to the next area.
so if the write the new dump usually verify failed because of ‘verify data ‘changed.

Question:Can vvdi prog erase the first two lines in M35080 M35160 (80D0WQ, 160D0wQ) ?
Answer: we will add M35080 M35160,maybe within 2 months will support.

Question: Someone are having issues to write into EEPROM Atmel 24C02 ?
Im trying, VVDI Prog read perfect, but to write give me error.
VVDI PROG try to erase and fail.
I was reading and does eeproms have write protection, when is not connected to ground (gnd), if EEPROM are connected to VCC have write protect.
So, there is some way to write into this eeprom?
OBS: I have tried with many voltages.. from 3.0 to 5.0v and nothing.
HEre a link from this eeprom datasheet..
And the write protected info
The AT24C01A/02/04/08A/16A has a Write Protect pin that
provides hardware data protection. The Write Protect pin allows normal Read/Write
operations when connected to ground (GND).
When the Write Protect pin is connected
to VCC, the write protection feature is enabled and operates as shown in Table 2.”
Answer: did you try remove IC from the PCB then read by VVDI PROG?

Question: Motorola HC12D60 1L28M not read, tested on AIRBAG VW62 1T0909605C and Dash Ford Mondeo MK3.
Answer: please check the connection,if its secured type need to connect the CLK.

Question: Problem is with reading and writing (eep and fls) Motorola mask 1L59W in Audi A6 C6 ELV J518 —>2010. The mask 3L40K reading and writing (eep and fls) without problem, any time.
Problem is only with 1L59W mask. I read and write this mask finally but I tried few times. I tried on 4pcs. ELV and 2 PC and problem is the same.
Please check it and correct.
Answer: please ensure the cut off wires and connection all ok.

Question: If they add HC805P18 with read and write i might be interested ..
I made some work on finding the pinout on this MCU So here it is .
Answer: HC805P18 is old type,maybe will not add.currently working on other types first.

Question: Has anyone had any problems reading CAS 3 with 0L01Y mask. Is it safe to read with VVDI-Prog programmer.
Answer: I read it many time …its safe


How to use Xhorse VVDI2 Full for PSA key learning

Xhorse VVDI2 Full package key programmer came with PSA Programmer and pin reader functions.VVDIShop technicians verified vvdi2 psa tool can read pin codes and do key learning with working keys on CAN based PSA- tested no issues.
VVDI2 PSA function:
VVDI2 PSA function only support CAN line protocol to add keys, learn keys and read pincode (with working key)
note: PSA change KM function will be added maybe in the near future.

PSA cars under PSA option, years, models, etc.:
CAN line protocol based Peugeot, Citro├źn and DS cars

How to use xhorse vvdi2 for PSA key learning:
Just read the pin and cs from ecu.
Make backup from cluster, and the cluster configuration.
Then you make a dealer key, and learn it with pin.
tested model: Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted OK. Key learn OK.

So, now vvdi2 key programmer full version authorized functions includes:
(VK-01)Transponder Programmer YES
(VJ-01)Passthru J2534 YES
(VV-01)VAG 4th immobilizer NO
(VV-02)VAG 5th immobilizer NO
(VP-01)Porsche immo data tool YES

Tips to to VVDI2 to Program Key for New Audi A6L, Q7

Newer Audi A6L or Q7 had dead dashboard with a black screen and failed to communicate? All these caused by wrong reading data. Here is the possible solution from Xhorse VVDI2 engineers.

Audi Q7 2015
Audi A6L 2013
Some other models that replaced J518 CPU

Key programmer optional:
VVDI2 key programmer

Symptom after the car was dead:
The gateway cannot be activated!
Keys cannot programmed even online!

Change another new CPU or reflash J518 data
Engineer analysis of the cause:
The FLASH data in new models’ CPU differs a lot from the old’s/ earlier’s.
Attention please when read EEPROM data with AVDI, VVDI2, or AP!
If you use the default capacity: 128, then the car will be dead.
But select 256 as capacity, it would be OK.
Unluckily, AVDI, VVDI2 VAG, and AP cannot automatically recognize J518 capacity; so usually, DEAD.
So as for new models to add new keys, please manually select 256 as J518 cpu capacity with VVDI 2 commander key programmer.



VVDI Prog: How to read Mercedes EIS W639 4J74Y

Question: hi have anyone managed to read 4J74Y on EIS W639??!! because there is no schema inside Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer, I’ve made the same wiring as 1L02M, and added the CLK wiring to PIN59 but cant crack the chip … maybe I’ve lost something onto my way.

How to:
use wiring as 1L02M + OSC to 59pin = right and enough….but for read choice from MCU –> MC68HC(9)08 –> HC908AZ60 EEP (4J74Y) and success….i read through this way more 4J74Y in W639 EZS all successfully readed
wiring diagram for this MCU in W639 EZS coming soon in some next VVDI Prog SW update i think…
i make some pictures of this type W639 EZS with this MCU and with other one as 3K85K too .


Free Download VVDI Prog Programmer V4.5.7 Software

Original Xhorse VVDI Prog ecu programmer software released to V4.5.7 (2017-4-21)

Free Download VVDI Prog V4.5.7 Software

VVDI-Prog v4.5.7 Update Feature (2017-04-21)
* This version DON't need update
* Fix some bugs
version in Doc folder
* Fix some MC68HC(9)08 read error
* Fix PIC12F(16F) diagram error
+ Add TC1762-CAN,
TC1766-CAN options
+ Add STM8AF5179,
STM8AF5268, STM8AF5269, STM8AF5286, STM8AF5288, STM8AF5289, STM8AF528A, STM8AF52A6, STM8AF52A8, STM8AF52A9, STM8AF52AA, STM8AF6168, STM8AF6213, STM8AF6223, STM8AF6223A, STM8AF6246, STM8AF6248, STM8AF6266, STM8AF6268, STM8AF6269, STM8AF6286, STM8AF6288, STM8AF6289, STM8AF628A, STM8AF62A6, STM8AF62A8, STM8AF62A9, STM8AF62AA, STM8AL3136, STM8AL3138, STM8AL3146, STM8AL3148, STM8AL3166, STM8AL3168, STM8AL3188, STM8AL3189, STM8AL318A, STM8AL31E88, STM8AL31E89, STM8AL31E8A, STM8AL3LE88, STM8AL3LE89, STM8AL3LE8A, STM8AL3L46, STM8AL3L48, STM8AL3L66, STM8AL3L68, STM8AL3L88, STM8AL3L89, STM8AL3L8A, STM8L051F3, STM8L052C6, STM8L052R8, STM8L101F1, STM8L101F2, STM8L101F3, STM8L101G2, STM8L101G3, STM8L101K3, STM8L151C2, STM8L151C3, STM8L151C4, STM8L151C6, STM8L151C8, STM8L151F2, STM8L151F3, STM8L151G2, STM8L151G3, STM8L151G4, STM8L151G6, STM8L151K2, STM8L151K3, STM8L151K4, STM8L151K6, STM8L151M8, STM8L151R6, STM8L151R8, STM8L152C4, STM8L152C6, STM8L152C8, STM8L152K4, STM8L152K6, STM8L152K8, STM8L152M8, STM8L152R6, STM8L152R8, STM8L162R8, STM8L162M8, STM8S003F3, STM8S003K3, STM8S003C6, STM8S003K6, STM8S007C8, STM8S103F2, STM8S103F3, STM8S103K3, STM8L105C4, STM8L105C6, STM8L105K4, STM8L105K6, STM8L105S4, STM8L105S6, STM8S207C6, STM8S207CB, STM8S207K6, STM8S207K8, STM8S207M8, STM8S207MB, STM8S207R6, STM8S207R8, STM8S207RB, STM8S207S6, STM8S207S8, STM8S208C6, STM8S208C8, STM8S208MB, STM8S208R8, STM8S208RB, STM8S903F, STM8S903K options
in <2-MCU>-><ST-STM8>
+ Add ME17.9.11.1(TC1762) option
in <3-ECU>-><KIA>
+ Add MED17.1(TC1766) option
+ Add EIS-W639(1J35D),
EIS-W639(4J74Y) options
+ Add JIEFANG-J6-HCS300 option
* Change JIEFANG-J6-BCM option
(Support up to 5 remotes)
+ Add SENOVA-D60 option
+ Add EADO option
+ Add TRUMPCHI-GS4 option


VVDI2 "Non-standard upload data failed" Solution

VW polo 2014 with chip id 48 need to do add key.
I tried to read pincode by choosing VVDI2 4th immo auto detect cluster diag the cluster turns black and back on but not possible a msg comes out says failed to connect try to cut power i unplugged the battery and tried again no success tried several choices also by key learn auto detect pincode also not possible any idea mates there is one option which is all key lost through OBD is is safe or it car may not start again ??
Locksmith suggestion:
As far i know VW cars after 6.2014 are not possible to program keys .

Could be too, 6FR is a Russian POLO cluster , difficult to work on it

If you sure you choice right cluster type do it as below:
Run VVDI2 key programmer software, choose correct cluster type , click READ IMMO (if you have working key) , if fail , close VVDI 2 , go to Log folder
copy latest LOG (latest will contain only info from latest operation) and post it  to engineer to look if they can fix it or not.

VW Tiguan 2011 VVDI2 Key Programming Tips

Hi,I am quite competent with Asia & US vehicles, but haven't touch much of European vehicles.
Recently my local market flood with VW and Audi, so I bought XHorse VVDI2 key programmer but it is much over my head.
Maybe I don't have the right concept for doing European cars.
Can some one point me to the right direction to where I can learn more about this please.

Yesterday I had a VW Tiguan 2011. I am told that I have to get the pincode, the component security then program key with MVP Pro.
Cannot find Tiguan in VVDI 2, so I chose Passat 4th immo system, but it only give me the pincode and not the component security.

Would be very much appreciated if someone can show me how to handle this in baby steps.
Many thanks in advance
Locksmith suggestion:

Passat has immo in ccm, not cluster like Tiguan.
You need to choose the correct cluster, using VVDI2 diag in the keylearning menu.

Key learn----4th immo syst vw seat----autodetect

If this is a model with micronas,or with nec make a differences.
If it is with nec24c32 or nec24c64, use diag in keylearning section.
You do not need mvp pro.
Back up abs long coding first!!!!!.
And back up any immo data before you program.

Baby steps works. 


Will VVDI MB BGA Tool do Mercedes W164 All Keys Lost

A test report of Xhorse VVDI MB Tool Mercedes key programmer adding keys W164 (2009-) when all key lost.

Test purpose: program/ add new keys to Mercedes-Benz W164 (2009-)

Test via technicians working for http://www.obdii365.com/

Hardware: vvdi mercedes
Software version: ver. 2.1.6 up

W164 EIS:
Test procedure:
Test result: Vvdi mb bga tool 100% adds new keys to w164. Perfect!

FAQs of VVDI MB & W164 all key lost:

Q: Why VVDI MB cant read W164 EIS OBD on table? cant start communication with EIS
A: You need gateway.
And before 09 read it whit programmer and if after 09 whit nec you can calculate password online.
Lost all keys 2 tokens.

Q: Where to get an chema of gateway with w164 EIS connected on table?
A: Please check it in Starfinder or WIS.

The final note: VVDI Mercedes for W166, W212, W246, W212 (old, with ELV) , W204, W207, W216, W164 (2009-) all key lost


VVDI MB BGA Tool Program Keys on Mercedes E300 2010

Just done key programming on a Mercedes-Benz E300 2010 year by using VVDI MB BGA tool key programmer (software 2.1.7).

I have also done Mercedes W204 all keys lost with VVDi mb tool and it worked every time.
I have unlocked W204 ELV many times also. Sometimes it unlocks quickly and sometimes take long but it unlocks.








How to Add Spare Key on Audi A6 by VVDI2 via OBD

Just had a client with the Audi A6 which has the Kessy exactly as Q7. Need to add spare key. It uses the 8E transponder. I read kessy by OBD and got CS + Pin.
I then went to key learn and pressed make key and loaded Kessy dump. It said key make okay now program key. I entered pin and typed 2 as key number and then it showed a dialoge asking for CS and pin or load eeprom dump. I loaded dump to VVDI2 key programmer and pressed next and then it said insert every key…………. Now it wouldn’t recognize key 1 or key 2. Now ignition wouldn’t come on anymore with original key as well. Found a procedure of pressing brakes and hazards on and whatever and then tried again but this type manually typed in PIN and CS and pressed only 1 key and then used the original key and then ignition came on and it recognized original key……
I tried another transponder and same problem. So what exactly is the issue? Why doesn’t it want to recognize the new chip?
I only thought about it afterwards….. Could the key number in the learning box actually be key POSITION and not key QUANTITY. Normally it is QUANTITY but as some AUDI has with remotes where the number is actually POSITION and not Quantity. Could this be the same with Transponder? Or is there some other way of making it work.
Possible cause:
You are doing wrong! Read the manual carefully and do it right!

This is generally the procedure to make a spare key for this car.
VVDI2 -> Key Learn -> 4th Immobiliser System Audi -> A6L / Q7/ EZS-Kessy (JB18)
Read note: Most cars before 2009 use 9S12DT128 chip and cars after 2009 use 9S12DT(G)256
Choose appropriate chip above -> Read J518 EEPROM with Working Key -> Write down CS and Pin on a piece of paper -> Save EEPROM
Type CS and Pin into VVDI 2 -> Type “2” for Number of keys to learn -> Insert 8E chip into VVDI 2 ->Select Make Dealer Key -> Select Key Learning
Insert dealer key into car and switch on for 2 seconds. Then put second key into ignition within 5 seconds. Then press okay after keys are learned.
Please follow VVDI 2 detail guide step-by-step!!!