VVDI Key Tool Generate Suzuki ID47 Remote Guide

This is how to generate a Suzuki remote ID47 and test frequency using VVDI Key Tool remote generator English version.

Xhorse key tool for sale:

Vvdi key tool remote maker price: $249.99

Vvdi key tool functions confirmed:
Edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card….ALL WORKED!

How to use vvdi key tool to edit transponder and test frequency:

This is the key to be generated
Go to TP Edit
Put the original key into the coil
It’s ID47 (Hitag 3) Unlocked 7983
Read failed
Back and go to Special TP
VVDI Special TP
Generate 7936 model with xhorse SN00 can be used for special ID36
Press OK button to generate
Can’t find SN002
Take the remote away the coil and put it into the coil again
Burn success
TP Edit
Special TP
VVDI Special TP
Generate 7938x model with xhorse SN02 can be used for special ID47
Press OK button to generate
Burn success
TP Edit: It’s ID47 (Hitag 3) Unlocked 7983

Remote prepare
ACENO 2016- chip47
Type: ASK, Frequency: 433.0MHz
Wireless to generate remote
Frequency test
Mode: ASK, Frequency: 433.89MHz, Power: -89dBm
Xhorse vvdi key tool successfully edit transponder and test frequency

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