Tips to Program Audi A6L 4th IMMO Key by VVDI2

For Audi A6L 4th generation immobilizer vehicles, if you get the new key from dealer,when you use VVDI2 VAG to program this key, transponder and remote will auto programming at the same time.

If you use Xhorse A6 new key(xhorse a6 new key with 8E transponder,not A6L type wireless remote with NXP transponder, you can check the transponder type) 

After you key learn success,you need to 'read J518 EEPROM dump with working key'---load this dump to 'make OEM key remote' for programming remote.

Q: Where can i buy this Xhorse A6 key with E8 transponder??

A: It is not yet available. Will on sale in the near feature.

Credit to Xhorse engineer representative Samic.

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