Xhorse VVDI Prog Programmer Feedback July 2017

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer updated feedback in July 2017.

EZS VW Crafter
old version MC9S12DT256 (0L01Y) - read/write eeprom and flash OK
new version MC9S12XDT384 (1L15Y) - read/write eeprom and flash OK

cas4 1l15y R/W eeprom and flash okay
BMW FRM3 d flash r/w okay
E-series CA key write okay
W203 1J35D read / write OK cable v3
W639 545 02 08 (0L02M) W169 545 17 08 5L40K OK
W639 545 21 08 (0L01Y) W906 545 40 08 SPRINTER (0L01Y)

MCU V3 CABLE all good. 

A6 C7 door module D70F3626 reads OK!
A6 C7 Tailgate module D703373 read success! Had to increase the voltage to 4.7V!

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