How to install Xhorse VVDI 2 Comannder software and driver

Original Xhorse VVDI2/VVDI II VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface key programmer is available in obdii365.com. Here is the step-by-step instruction on installing VVDI 2 software and driver.
Operating system: Windows XP
Language: Chinese/English

Main Steps:
  1. Install VVDI2 software
  2. Install VVDI 2 driver

1.Install VVDI 2 software

Open VVDI2 software folder
Install VVDI2-Insatller.exe setup

Select software language
software language

Install VVDI2 Setup Wizard, click “Next
VVDI2 Setup Wizard

Save file to C: \Program Files \VVI2\VVDI2 \, click Next
C: \Program Files \VVI2\VVDI2

Click “Install
Click “Install”

Install VVDI Device FDTI CDM Driver
NOTE: If you install VVDI2 software (any version) for the first time, you need to select “Next”, otherwise, select “Cancel
 select “Next”

Device drivers are installed. Click “Finish
Click “Finish”

VVDI2 software has been successfully installed. Click “Close

  1. Install VVDI2 driver

Generally, VVDI2 driver will be installed automatically. If driver installation failed or programs cannot connect to VVDI2, you need install driver manually.

Manual Install Driver

Open My Computer-> Manager-> Device Manager
Open windows explorer, right click “My computer” and select “Properties
select “Properties”

Open “System properties
System properties

Select “Hardware”-> “Device Manager”, open Device Manager
Device Manager

Install Bus driver: Disconnect other USB cable from PC (Mouse and keyboard should keep connect)
VVDI 2 install with other version drivers: In select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”-> “USB Serial Converter”, double click on it, get properties window:
Click Driver tab.: “Driver Date” should be 3/18/2011, “Driver Version” should be If driver date and driver version are set right, do not install driver again. If not set correctly, install driver with following steps.
Driver Date

Select “Driver”-> “Update Driver”. Open “Hardware Update Wizard
Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click “Next
“Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install”. Click “Next” Sometimes you will get directly, at this situation, go to next 2 steps.
Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install

Select “Universal Serial Bus controllers”, click “Next
Universal Serial Bus controllers

Select “Hard Disk….”, get install from disk window
Hard Disk

Input absolute path for USB driver folder in install directory (Browse…and choose install directory, or you can find the path from Start->Programs->VVDI2->USB Drivers). Press OK and wait complete.
Sometimes system will ask again for “Are you sure to install this drivers?”, click “Continue”

VVDI 2 is not recognized: you can find VVDI2 (yellow mark) in “Other devices” list from Device
 Manager. Double click get properties window.
Then install driver accord VVDI2 install with other version drivers.
 VVDI2 driver

Verify Bus Driver: Open properties window after install driver. Click Driver tab.
Check “Update Date”=3/18/2011
“Driver Version”=

VVDI2 software and drivers installation completed.

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