Free Download VVDI Prog Programmer V4.6.3 (2017-10-17)

Xhorse VVDI Prog ECU, MCU and EEPROM programmer software released to V4.6.3 (2017-10-17).

VVDI-Prog V4.6.3 Update Feature:
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
* Fix MC68HC(9)08 series problem
+ Add AM29F200BB-xxE, AM29F200BB-xxF, AM29F200BB-xxS, AM29F200BT-xxE, AM29F200BT-xxF, AM29F200BT-xxS, AM29F400BB-xxE,AM29F400BB-xxF, AM29F400BB-xxS,
AM29F400BT-xxE, AM29F400BT-xxF, AM29F400BT-xxS, AM29F800BB-xxE, AM29F800BB-xxF, AM29F800BB-xxS, AM29F800BT-xxE, AM29F800BT-xxF, AM29F800BT-xxS, AM29F160BBxxE,
AM29F160BBxxF, AM29F160BTxxE,AM29F160BTxxF options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><AMD> (Need AM29FXXXB ADAPTER)
+ Add M95M01, M95M02 options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST>
+ Add M95M01(CLIP), M95M02(CLIP) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><ST(CLIP)> (Need EEPROM CLIP ADAPTER)

Free Download VVDI Prog V4.6.3 software

AM29FXXXB ADAPTER will be available soon





Free Download Xhorse VVDI2 V4.7.5 Software (2017-10-16)

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG BMW Porsche PSA key programmer software released to v4.7.5(2017-10-16).
===== Support software version ====
VVDI2 VAG V4.7.5
VVDI2 BMW V4.7.5
VVDI2 Porsche V4.7.5
VVDI2 PSA V4.7.5
Passthru J2534 V4.7.5
Online Update Tool V4.7.5
Quick Start V4.7.5

You can find the detail update information from Readme in newest software,
Mainly include:
1. Support copy 48 transponder(96 bit, All car with ID48 transponder), (Menu->Key Learn->Copy 48 transponder(96 bit, All car with ID48 transponder))
About copy 48 function on VVDI2:
(1). Authorize copy 48 function(96 bit) require buy license and a extra 48 emulator
(2). Every success calculate will cost 100 remote points
(3). Copy 48 function now support all the cars with ID48 transponder: VW, Audi, Skoda, Volvo, Honda, Buick, Cadillac, Fiat, GreatWall, Zhonghua etc
(4). Copy 48 function no need OBDII connect
2. Bugfix

Free Download VVDI2 v4.7.5 software


VVDI2 VAG EDC17 and MEV17 Authorization Free Activation

Good News!!! All user of VVDI2 VAG, for EDC17 and MEV17 for online CS calculation you can your serial to activate for free (without buying Condor key cutting machine).

With the authorization you can: OBD read MED17/EDC17 PIN / CS / MAC, calculate OBD data online, calculate EEPROM / FLASH for PIN/MAC/CS.

Please send your VVDI2 key programmer Serial Number to Xhorse engineer Samic’s skype: live:condor_keymachine or vvdishop.com customer service skype: VVDIfactory.com

If you are a member of Digital-Kaos forum, you can send SN to Samic directly to activate for free.


VVDI2 VAG Copy ID48 (96 bit) Transponder Authorization

Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer released new authorization: Copy ID48 Transponder (96 bit)function.

VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit) Function Authorization Service
1.Need to work with VVDI2 48 Chip Copy data collector (No Need Register Condor).
2.Big Sale 245USD till Oct 24th, 2017. When promotion is due,price will up to 319USD.

VVDI2 Copy 48 Transponder (96 bit) Function(VV-04 Authorization):
Can copy ID48 chip data without OBD connection to the car including. VW 2015-2017
Cannot program a new key when all keys are lost
No need shipping,please provide your VVDI2 serial number:
VW-04 now is available.

This is only VV-04 authorization,if you also need VV-03 VAG Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII Function Authorization Service,please check SV86-S2.


VVDI Key Tool clone Hyundai Kia 60-6F 80bit key chip

Here’s the guide on copying of ID60-6F 80bit (Kia / Hyundai) chips with Xhorse VVDI Key Tool – using the example of Hyundai Solaris in 2016.

Read key chip data
Place key into coil
Select Transponder Clone
Connect VVDI Key Tool with computer/PC with a USB cable
Select Calculate button
Select Read transponder
Please put the original car key into the left coil of VVDI KEY TOOL, start to read the transponder
Connect successfully
Select Calculate
Please keep network available press “Calculate’ to submit calculating data
Calculating finished.
Please put VVDI special 4D transponder into the left coil of vvdi key tool, click Write to complete cloning.


Xhorse VVDI2 VAG Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII Authorization

Note: Xhorse VVDI2 VAG key programmer VV-03 “Prepare dealer key by ECU data” authorization will be changed to “VAG Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII” authorization
VV-03 vag copy 48 transponder by OBDII
support:all key lost & keyless go system
Require: Xhorse emulator, TP2.0 type ECU
such as 2014/2015 Tiguan UDS cluster.
when we add new key,must have 12 bytes component security bytes, 6 bytes we can read from ECU by OBD
other 6 bytes we need to use emulator collect data from ignition switch,then load to xhorse for online calculation.
software will auto feedback the result,after that make dealer key and key learn.

For other information, please contact vvdishop.com customer service skype: VVDIfactory.com