VVDI PROG programmer read BMW ECU ISN

Here is the step-by-step instruction on how to read BMW Engine ECU ISN number with VVDI PROG ECU programmer.
Part 1: Open VVDI PROG, select and check wiring diagram
Open VVDI PROG software.
Select type: 3-ECU  Brand: BMW_F_ENGINE  Device: MEVD172(N20)
Click “Wiring Diagram”
Wiring Diagram is open, it prompts NO.2 connector.
This is NO.2 connector
Pull down the wiring diagram.
Attention: the left corner is NO.33 pin, and the right corner has pin, follow its pin number and order to connect the cable.
This is real BMW ECU
You see all of pin serial numbers at the four corners.

Part 2: connect the cable to VVDI-PROG
Start to connect the cable to VVDI PRO

Firstly, connect power cable, the red is power cable
There are 2 power cables, one is No.1 pin, one is NO.22 pin.
Next, connect GND cable, it is NO.10 pin.

Next, connect CANH cable and CANL cable, CANH is blue color, CANL is yellow color.
Finally, this group of cables is all connected well.

Part 3: connect BOOT Line.
This is Boot Pin.
Open a hole on Engine ECU and find out the pin position by following the wiring diagram, then use Boot line to point at this pin and to read data.

Check whether all the cables are connected well to VVDIprog , PS: VVDIprog needs to connect an external power adapter, because it reads Engine ECU.
Part 4: Read out BMW Engine ECU data
Close wiring diagram on VVDI Prog
Click “New Create”
Click “Read”
Wait until the data is read out successfully.
Save data.
Finally, BMW Engine ECU data is read out.
Important note:
If BMW CAS4+ all key lost, firstly read CAS data then Engine ECU data, when get message it needs ISN code, load Engine ECU EP data, then you can generate dealer key.


VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool V2.0.6 update failed solution

He tried to update VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool software to current latest V2.0.6 online. But the upgrade kept processing, but not completed.
Possible reason:
Network connection is not good enough.

Xhorse VVDI MB TOOL software update takes some time and required good network connection. One of our Indian customer has changed stable and faster network connection. Upgrade goes well.

How to update VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool software 

Will VVDI Benz MB Tool V2.0.6 calculate BGA code offline?

One of our customer contacted obdii365.com technician that if the VVDI benz mb bga tool V2.0.6 can calculate the BGA password offline?

No,the VVDI MB Tool can calculate BGA code online only.


FAQ Xhorse VVDI 2 VVDI2 Commander key programmer

Original Xhorse VVDI2 VVDI 2 Commander VAG, BMW, Porsche key programmer  Frequently Asked Questions by obdii365.com customers. 
Q: I do have BMW X5 from 2013+ , it’s F15 with CAS4+ I guess and 5M48H, it has all keys lost. What equipment I should buy from you to make a new key?
1) For 5M48H, you need to use XPROG or VVDI pro to read the date
2) Use BMW MULTI TOOL or VVDI 2 do CAS4+, and use the data you read out to generate the key data to match programming and simultaneous car
For second steps. If you choose BMW MULTI TOOL, you still need to buy the CAS4 adapter. If you choose VVDI2, then no need to buy others.
Q: I want to open component security function. what should i do?
A: For this function. If you want to use, you need to open pin,mac reading,CS authorization then can use. If you have bought the condor key cutting machine. Then this authorization is free to open. Please give us your name/country/EmailVVDI SN/ VVDI2 SN / CONDOR SN. If you do not bought iKeycutter Condor key cutting machine, then cannot open this authorization.
Q: Hello. I purchased this product and it says at the top… re synchronization in 23 days.. How do you re synchronization the device…Thank you.
A: This is normal. Once the day become 1, you just need to connect internet. Then it will be back to 30 days again. This is set by Xhorse company to avoid others crack their software.
Q:What’s CAS Plug of VVDI2 used for?
A:CAS Plug can be used to read EWS CAS1.2.3 with vvdi2.
The CAS4,5th and 4th coil had been connected on VVDI2 unit already.
Q: What’s the VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer used for?
A: VVDI2 Mini Remote Programmer is a accessory of VVDI2 key programmer, with this help, your VVDI 2 can complete same function of KD900 remote key maker.
Q: Why there is only a 5th BDM, while no 5th coil
A: The coil of 5th adapter has been combined to VVDI2 main unit,but unable to combine the bdm cable to main unit, so supply the bdm cable alone
Q: How to use VVDI2 to do audi, vw,porsche and BMW key and ECU programming
A: If the ECU or BCM of your vag group vehicles, you can use vvdi2 to match control unit inside.
(Or use vas 5054a online programming, make the new ecu to cars)
For BMW cas, using BMW ICOM A2 to make the new ECU, CAS and EWS to car, next make key programming with VVDI2
Q:Does VVDI2 support BMW CAS4+ keys ?
A:Yes, it can.
Q:Will it be eaiser to use VVDI2 to di BMW CAS4, than BMW Multi Tool?
A: It is same
Q: I want to do BMW Key Programming, FVDI and BMW Multi Tool, which is better:
A: Both of these two items is ok, that’s depends on the technican of customers. Most people like to choose BMW Multi tool. But now, people like to use VVDI 2 much more.
Q: Do you have vvdi2 instrucions on, which BMW keys working via obd2, which via CAS?
A: You can refer to BMW Multi Tool instruction. It is same as BMW Multi Tool.
Q: Except for VVDI 2, which item you recommend for Porsche programming
A: You can choose Porsche Piwis Tester 2.
Q: Whether VVDI2 can unlock Megamos 48 Transparent chip
A: Yes, it supports.
Q: I need a key programming for golf 6 from 2009 to 2012
A: You can use VVDI or VVDI2
Q:Which kind way to use VVDI2 program bmw keys, via OBD2 or via CAS ?
A:Pls refer to BMW Multi Tool instructions ,since VVDI2 is with same function with BMW Multi Tool.

Q: The function mentioned(ecu programming, key programming) for audi, vw, porsche, bmw, are they all for offline programming?
Or do i need purchase online oem subscription to do that after purchase the vvdi2?
A: This machine support offline and online programming. Offline and online we means with internet and without internet.
Do not mean you can use original BMW factory account to connect BMW factory server to do programming.

Q: Hi I am wondering which is better, Xhorse vvdi2 or tm100? The vvdi needs to solder contacts in the ews. How bout the TM100?
A: 1) Quality
VVDI 2 is the genuine version made by xhorse company, quality is better than TM100.
2) Function
VVDI has special key model, for its function, it has the same way to programming keys as TM100, from this point, VVDI 2 cover the function for TM100.
Besides, VVDI 2 also ahs BMW VAG series, and the function for FVDI. All these function TM100 does not support.
3) VVDI does not support EWS, VVDI 2 and VVDI PRO, TM100 can support EWS. If you use CAS PLUS adapter with VVDI2, SOMETIMES no need desolder chips.
Q: How to confirm whether I match BMW CAS4 5M48H,MB EIS keys with VVDI II successfully?
A: You can use following key test platform to test:
1L15Y 5M48H BMW CAS4 Test Platform(SK156-B)
BMW CAS Test Platform (SK147)
MB EIS Test Platform Fast Check EIS(SK146)
Q: VVDI Prompt me”remaining synchronization time: 17 days”, what does this mean?
A: That means you has use this item for 13 days, after get the authorization.
When it will be 0 day, you can connect the device to network, open vvdi2 software, the original factory sever will authorize you another 30 days automatically
(that’s factory avoid other people crack his machine)



Free download VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG V4.3.0 software

Original Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDIProg ECU/MCU/EEPROM programmer software has newly updated to V4.3.0 in obdii365.com.

Software version: V4.3.0
Firmware version: V1.2.2

Free download V4.3.0 VVDI Prog software

v4.3.0 VVDI PRO new added features: (2016-01-16) 
* This version DON't need update firmware
MC9S12XHZ512_SECURED options
Mask 0M80F,1M80F)
+ Add [V850ES/Sx3]series:
D70F3368 options
D70F3385 options
D70F3712 options
D70F4180 options
in <2-MCU>-><RENESAS> 
+ Add EIZ-W220(ST12) 
ORIGINAL-868M-CHIP options in
* Modify the EXCELLE(2013--)BCM,
EXCELLE(2014) options in
Remove the D-FLASH option
* Modify the CAS4-5M48H-R/W/UNLOCK,
CAS4-1N35H-R/W/UNLOCK options
Autoset the D-FLASH partition 
size as 32K while writing the
D-FLASH data

How to update Xhorse VVDI PROG programmer software



VAG VVDI 2 VVDI2 Commander positive feedback

We’e got a new VVDI 2 VVDI II  user that give us positive feedback from obdii365.com customer.
Full review as following:
I successfully use VVDI2 to add a key bcm2 on a 2013 audi a5.
2007 Audi A4 B7 RB8 crypto – mileage correction ok
Audi BCM2 add spare key by obd worked fine, and I did one on a 2013 A5 and it worked flawlessly.
A6/Q7 EZS Kessy: Added a dealer key (remote sourced from the dealer) without issues. Seemed to read everything properly but I had a working key to begin with.
Audi A6: Testet with A6 read kessy working, learned new key
Skoda Octavia 2006: got CS & PIN , programmed key fine, but not remote programming.
VW passat. B5: Pulled PIN, programmed key, corrected miles.
VW Passat B6 2009: Pulled PIN but couldn’t get 6 bytes CS, needed comfort dump.
VW Transporter T5 2006 : Pulled PIN Programmed key, no remote programming.
Audi A4 2006 : mileage correction success .
Audi A6 2003: Mileage correction fail. car not start. remove battery terminal. car start.


Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool software update to V2.0.6

VVDI MB TOOL latest version V2.0.6 update

Software version: V2.0.6
Firmware version: V2.0.6

*** 2016-01-16
*** Require firmware V2.0.6

===== BENZ V2.0.6 =====
1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.6, software v2.0.6, the lower version dont support password calculation
2. User manual v1.1 released, overview v1.2 released
3. Add support for disable key
4. Fix bug for test W164, W221 EIS status
5. Fix bug for write EIS data
6. Bugfix

Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool do W212 AL KEY LOST


Can VVDI MB BGA Tool do W164 2008 ALL key lost?

Today one of obdii365.com customer consulted our technician whether the Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool program his Mercedes W164 2008 model when all key lost.

Here is the replay:

VVDI MB Tool support ALL KEY LOST for Mercedes W212 models only. BUT if you have original MB W164 key in hand, it will do all key lost.

Because the NEC adapter of VVDI benz can only read & erase keys but not write. It is still not the perfect tool to program old MB models or used MB keys.

There is a MB PRO II which can read and write keys from IR, that's a better choice.



Xhorse VVDI 2 Full Customer Review by a real user

Thanks Betto Zavaleta in Saudi Arabia for the review on original xhorse VVDI 2 Commander key programmer full package.
Bought one of vvdi2 full kits + VVDI 2 remote programmer after doing a lot of research from many sellers in China. The staff from obdii365 always responded quickly, answering all questions I had.
Shipping was very quick although DHL tracking didn’t work until package had arrived
(approx. 4 days).
Every item all appears to be in a good condition, each packed well in a paper box, no damage or scratch at all, although i though a plastic one would be better. The latest vvdi2 software 1.1.0 was in the disk (free download link i saw in the web also), then I installed the vvdi ii software and driver according to the user manual, common installation method, not difficult for me. Everything seems to work OK, which is exactly as stated.

Lack of wireless connection to the vvdi 2 seems to be less convenient, but on cable it has worked consistently well anyway.

For people considering buying a kit like this for BMW & VAG group cars, the only advice I can give is that to buy the full package to avoid inconvenience of authorization (5th AUDI, BMW obd & CAS4+ authorization need extra pay if not full package; but it seems that they can open this function for those with Condor key machine.)  It’s a great toolkit to have for diagnostics, key programming, IMMO etc. though.

Overall – I can highly recommend buying vvdi 2 or others from this vendor since everything was as advertised, plus they have fast response via emails if we users have issues or questions when using their products.


Free download Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA Tool V2.0.5

Original Xhorse VVDI Benz VVDI MB Tool 2.0.5 key programmer software has been released at OBDII365 (2016-01-07) . Some more info about 2.0.5 vvdi mb key programmer is offered here.

Free Download VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.0.5.rar
What’s new in VVDI MB BGA TOOL V2.0.5
Require firmware V2.0.5
  1. Attention: All user update device to firmware v2.0.5, software v2.0.5, the lower version dont support password calculation
  2. Add password calculation for lost all key. Support W166, W246, W212, W212(old). After success find password, it will need pay 2 calculation times
  3. Password calculation with working key support: add working key test before data acquisition
  4. Add EIS status test, working key test function
  5. Fix bug for OBD read W203, W639, W463(K) EIS
  6. Autodetect W212 EIS with ELV
  7. Fix bug for read v51 key password via NEC adapter
  8. Add IR repair key function
  9. Bugfix
Successful tests concerning vvdi mb tool:
calculate 221 EIS password..ok
Read Renew EIS on Benz W172 204 207…ok
W207 all key lost…ok
Change EIS on Mercedes W207…ok
Add bga key A169, W209, W211…ok
Read password on W215, W220…ok
write EIS and ELV on A166, W197,W212, W218, A246…ok


Xhorse VVDI-PROG VVDI PROG v4.2.0 Free download

Xhorse VVDI Prog ECU Programmer has newly updated software to latest V4.2.0 with firmware 1.2.2. (05/01/2016).

VVDI PRO v4.2.0 software free dwonload

Language: English/Chinese 
How to update VVDI Prog programmer software & firmware? Open VVDI Prog software Click “Upgrade” tab  
Then come to VVDIProg Update menu. You are able to check software version (Tip Information) and firmware version (Device Information). 

Xhorse VVDI PROG Read and Write PCF79XX chip

Obdii365.com technician share on PCF79XX Chips programming with PCF79XX Adapter and Xhorse VVDI PROG super programmer.
PCF79XX chips functions:
(1)Currently PCF79XX chip support lock, unlock and read/write data.
(2)RENEW function will be added in the coming days, it will load corresponding data and directly renew key, the detailed specific car model data will be released.

Here is the PCF79XX Adapter user guide step by step.
1. PCF79XX Adapter supported Chip models:
PCF7922 PCF7941 PCF7945 PCF7952 PCF7953 PCF7961
2. Two optional ways to read write PCF79XX chip
(1) Remove the chip and put it in the IC socket, select option “PCF79XX chip” shown as follows.

(2) Connect wire to the circuit board, select option “PCF79XX adapter” shown as follows.

Note:If PCF79XX adapter option can’t recognize chip due to the affection of circuit board, just remove chip and put it in IC socket, then use option “PCF79XX chip” to operate.
3. VVDI Pro Options Description
(1)“EEPROM”: data storage space, it can read & write in protected status.
(2)“EROM”: program memory space (equal to other chip’s FLASH space), it can read & write in unprotected status.
(3)“Protected”: click “Protected” to lock chip and unable to read out chip data.
(4)“Unprotected”: click “Unprotected” to unlock chip and able to read out chip data. After unlock, the original data in the chip will be cleared.