Mercedes W164 ISM Renew by VVDI MB BGA Tool

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool is able to renew Mercedes ECU, gearbox and ISM. Here is the example on renewing W164 ISM. Online Password calculation is required.

Well connect VVDI MB with ECU and laptop via cables
Select Renew ECU/Gearbox Function
Select Module: ISM
Click on Read to read ISM info.
TP cleared: Yes
Personalized: Yes
Activated: Yes

Calculate password from server
Password is calculated, click on Renew
Click on Read button
select ISM
Renew in progress
Click on Read again
TP cleared: Yes
Personalized: No
Activated: No

VVDI Mercedes Renew ISM success!!!


Generate BMW EWS Remote Key by VVDI KEY TOOL

Do you know how to generate BMW EWS Diamond Remote Key 3 Button 315MHz by VVDI KEY TOOL? Tested it’s quick and easy! Check below steps.

VVDI KEY TOOL generate BMW EWS remote key via “Wire” mode or “Wireless” mode, both OK.
First, power on VVDI KEY TOOL and go to “Remote Prepare”.
Select car brand: “BMW” and remote key type: “EWS 315”.
Now you can see the BMW remote key picture and frequency 315MHz like this:
Connect the remote PCB board with VVDI KEY TOOL via the programming cable.
Then press “NEW” and choose “Wire” mode to generate key.
And wait it complete. VVDI KEY TOOL remote maker generate BMW EWS remote key 315MHz successfully!
Or you can generate BMW EWS remote control by wireless mode!
Just put the VVDI OEM remote key 315MHz into the coil and choose “Wireless” mode instead of “Wire”.
And Xhorse VVDI KEY TOOL generate BMW EWS remote key, another success!
Tips: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool English Version pre-order trusted source:
VVDI Key Tool price $249.99


Xhorse VVDI Prog Software 4.5.8 Free Download

Xhorse VVDI Prog programmer software released to V4.5.8 (2017-05-25).

Free Download VVDI prog V4.5.8 Software

VVDI PROG latest software version V4.5.8 update feature:
v4.5.8 (2017-05-25)
* This version DON’t need update firmware
* Fix some bugs
+ Add VVDI PROG USER MUNUAL 4.5.8 version in Doc folder
+ Add Arabic, Czech, Spanish,French, Italian, Portuguese,Russian, Turkish, support select in Language option
+ Add MPC5602BxLH, MPC5602BxLL, MPC5602BxLQ, MPC5603BxLH, MPC5603BxLL, MPC5603BxLQ, MPC5604B,
MPC5602CxLH, MPC5602CxLL, MPC5603CxLH, MPC5603CxLL, MPC5604C, MPC5604E, MPC5602P,MPC5603P,
MPC5604P options in <2-MCU>->
+ Add SPC560B40L1, SPC560B40L3, SPC560B40L5, SPC560B50L1, SPC560B50L3, SPC560B50L5, SPC560B54L3,
SPC560B54L5, SPC560B60L3, SPC560B60L5, SPC560B60L7, SPC560B64L5, SPC560B64L7, SPC560C40L3,
SPC560C50L3, SPC560D30L1, SPC560D30L3, SPC560D40L1, SPC560D40L3, SPC560P44L3, SPC560P44L5,
SPC560P50L3, SPC560P50L5, SPC560P54L3, SPC560P54L5, SPC560P60L3,
SPC560P60L5 options in <2-MCU>->
+ Add ME7.9.7.1 option in <3-ECU>->
+ Add DODGE-JOURNEY-WIN(2010) option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->
+ Add CS10-IMMO option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->
+ Add T70-IMMO option in <4-IMMOBILIZER>->
+ Add B40, E130, SENOVA-D50 options in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add BORGWARD(2017) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add ALSVIN-V3(2012), CS35(2015), CX20(2012), HONOR, OUSHANG(2017),
RAETON(2013) options in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add FXAUTO-LZ, VENUCIA-D50 options in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add CS10 option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add QUEST(2006) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add BESTURN-X80 option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add BAOJUN630, BAOJUN630(2015), BAOJUN730, MG6,
+ Add POLO option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add S80(2009) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add H330 option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add DOMY-X5(2015),T600(2015), Z500(2015) option in <5-DASHBORAD>->
+ Add RIICH-M1-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
+ Add BESTURN-B70-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
+ Add ECOSPORT-SRS, ESCORT-SRS options in <7-ARIBAG>->
+ Add DISCOVERY4-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
+ Add LOVA-SRS option in <7-ARIBAG>->
+ Add DKG-MODULE(2008) option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add GL8-KG-MODULE option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add RAETON-HVAC-MODULE(2013), RAETON-KG-MODULE(2013) options in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add CRUZE-CD-PLAYER option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add FENGGUANG580-KG-MODULE option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add FOCUS-BCM option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add HVAC-MODULE(2015), HAVAL-H9-4WD-MODULE options in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add IX35-ASSY-SMARTKEY-UNIT option in <8-OTHER>->
+ Add RUIYI-KG-MODULE(2009) option in <8-OTHER>->



How to build Benz EIS ELV NEC adapter for VVDI MB

Have EIS/ELV cable tester for your vvdi mb bga tool? Think it expensive? You can make EIS/ELV NEC adapter by yourself and save a lot.

For Mercedes W204 W212 W221 W164 W166, it’s necessary to have this adapter to use with the EIS ELV maintenance, Mercedes key programming and key detection.

Here are some diagrams for reference.
W164 / R251 / W221 / W216 with NEC inside
w203 / vito w639 with mcu HC908 inside

w203 with mcu hc912 inside

W204 / W207 / W212 with NEC inside

W210 / W208 / W202 with HC705 inside

W211 / W219 / W209 with HC912 inside

W220 / W215 / R230 with HC705 inside


VVDI MB Tool Gateway Power Adapter Working Experience

User feedback on VVDI MB tool power adapter gateway adapter for quick data acquisition.

Tested now VVDI MB Tool power adapter for connecting EZS/EIS from W164/251 or W169,245 and 211 type on the bench
working like charm.
only need wait some seconds, because VVDI MB unit test about what EZS/EIS type is connected….take 5-15 secs time, after reading success
pictures posted

Xhorse vvdi mb adapter for W164/251 or W169,211 and 245 EZS type


New Xhorse POWER adapter for W204 and W164/251/216/221 2009-up all key lost

Tested new Xhorse VVDI MB tool POWER Adapter for faster reading data acquisition in case ALL KEY LOST…
working like charm…
time by W204/207 shorted from 2,5 hours to 18-24 mins
by W164/251/221/216 from 2009 and up no more need so much times insert-remove-insert-remove IR adapter to and from EIS
pictures posted
Credits to Mr. daxxer. 

How to Use VVDI2 to Program Key for Fiat Bravo 2008

An old Fiat Bravo 2008 have lost all keys.  Most OBD key programmers can only program its remote, but cannot program chip key. Can only write start key.
Step 1: Remove BSI
Dissemble the BSI under the dashboard which is made by Magneti Marelli company.
Step 2: Write Key
Remove BSI and open it, locate 8-foot CPU, be careful to find chip 95160. You are required to read the CPU 95160 chip data.
Solder CPU 95160 chip and read data by ecu programmer, i.e VVDI Prog and save data
You can use Xhorse VVDI2 or TM100 key programmer to write key. For example, you use VVDI2, upload 95160 data just read.
Select region:Europe,Fiat-Bravo,2009-95160, then you will see key number and position etc info.
Select unused key position, follow prompt to insert a brand new 7936 (ID46 chip) into VVDI2
Confirm Yes if VVDI2 ask you to generate dealer key.
Generate key success and generate new 95160 chip data. Write the new data back to 95160 cpu chip.
Re-solder the cpu and reinstall BSI.
Write key success.

Step 3:
Use other key programmer to program remote, i.e X300.


VVDI Key Tool Generate Suzuki ID47 Remote Guide

This is how to generate a Suzuki remote ID47 and test frequency using VVDI Key Tool remote generator English version.

Xhorse key tool for sale:

Vvdi key tool remote maker price: $249.99

Vvdi key tool functions confirmed:
Edit transponder, clone transponder, test frequency, clone Remote, generate remote, generate garage door remote controller, unlock smart card….ALL WORKED!

How to use vvdi key tool to edit transponder and test frequency:

This is the key to be generated
Go to TP Edit
Put the original key into the coil
It’s ID47 (Hitag 3) Unlocked 7983
Read failed
Back and go to Special TP
VVDI Special TP
Generate 7936 model with xhorse SN00 can be used for special ID36
Press OK button to generate
Can’t find SN002
Take the remote away the coil and put it into the coil again
Burn success
TP Edit
Special TP
VVDI Special TP
Generate 7938x model with xhorse SN02 can be used for special ID47
Press OK button to generate
Burn success
TP Edit: It’s ID47 (Hitag 3) Unlocked 7983

Remote prepare
ACENO 2016- chip47
Type: ASK, Frequency: 433.0MHz
Wireless to generate remote
Frequency test
Mode: ASK, Frequency: 433.89MHz, Power: -89dBm
Xhorse vvdi key tool successfully edit transponder and test frequency